AllStar: Not AllStars Are Bright, the new comic that you can not miss

Kickstarter is an incredible portal where we can find unique projects, through Kickstarter we have had the opportunity to meet AllStar: Not AllStars Are Bright, a comic that you cannot leave out of your collection. Continue with us to learn more about this incredible project.

AllStar: Not AllStars Are Bright is a 44-page graphic novel written by Milan Kovacs with art by Kubert School student Steve Fabian and colored by Tomi Varga of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

AllStar tells us about Jimmy Hand, a young aspiring comic artist who is being bullied at school by his classmates and teachers alike. As an artist, Jimmy tries to cope with his trauma by creating a superhero and a comic about him.

Jimmy is off to a great start and begins to get better grades, make friends, and face himself and even others. But in real life, not everything is so easy and soon you are caught between reality and fiction.

By reading AllStar: Not AllStars Are Bright you can really feel the dedication and passion present in the project, now, below you can find the items that you can buy in the AllStar campaign, not without first highlighting that the shipping of any physical tier  is completely free to anywhere in the world.

AllStar: Not AllStars Are Bright will also present an impressive series of variant covers, which you can see below and decide which is your favorite

If you want to buy this incredible comic, be sure to enter his project on kickstarter, where you can be aware of all the updates that this wonderful team AllStar: Not AllStars Are Bright – The Superhero Comic

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