Discover Pulp Girls: PRINCE-S STARthief 1 REDUX, the new comic from creative duo Martin & Young

PRINCE-S STARthief is the latest comic book creation from a collection of pulp and genre inspired concepts with death defying female leads. Continue with us to discover all the details of this new adventure.

PRINCE-S STARthief redux is an all new 36 page comic book of over-the-top epic sci-fi shenanigans from writer Jason Martin (Swiss Army Woman, Vampblade) and artist Winston Young (Vampblade, Amalgama: Space Zombie, Zombie Tramp)!

PRINCE-S STARthief has been previously released, however this new comic will offer an exciting twist on the previously released book, featuring new artwork and new storyline that is planned to continue with a full series!!!

The writer of the series, Jason Martin, shares his emotion with us in response to this new project.

PRINCE-S STARthief has been a passion project of mine since the first Kickstarter, and I can’t wait to return to her exciting ever-expanding universe of cool sci-fi drama and gonzo comic book action! I’m bursting with ideas and concepts for the series, and can’t wait to get it officially underway… again!!

-Martin, J.

This comic will feature a regular cover developed by Winston, as well as variant covers by some of the most popular artists, among which we can find Celor, Elsevilla, Michael McComb, Bill McKay, Edward Pun and TMChu.

As if this were not enough, the first special issue of Kickstarter will be oversized and will include a completely new story of 32 pages, more material behind the scenes.

PRINCE-S STARthief realmenet has everything you need to be an exciting comic, which would be an incredible piece for any collection, so pre-order your copy in Pulp Girls: PRINCE-S STARthief 1 REDUX.

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