Bring new guests, serve food, or invite your guests to socialize with Surrealist Dinner Party

Show your hosting prowess and treat your favorite Surrealist artists and writers to an excellent dinner party with Surrealist Dinner Party.  Continue with us to discover all the secrets that this board game prepares for us!

It’s your turn, bring new guests to the party, serve food and drinks, or invite your guests to socialize with their neighbors at the table. However, not everything is so easy, each artist also has a unique habit.

So, pay close attention to who is sitting next to whom! Of course you want to make all the guests happy, but you can arrange for your opponents’ guests to start a little drama, that’s fine too!

Now you wonder how do you play Surrealist Dinner Party? To answer this question, our friends at Resonym have developed an incredible video, which we will leave below.


If you want to know in more detail the rules of this game we invite you to see its rulebook by clicking here.

Now, as we initially mentioned this party will be full of artists and writers, next we leave you the complete list of guests.

However, this guest list can increase, all depending on the number of people who want to sponsor this project, it should be noted that Surrealist Dinner Party is being financed through Kickstarter, so as more backers want to participate in the project, the greater it will be the amount of rewards.

If you want to try the experience for yourself before purchasing the game, we leave you various options below.

If you want to buy this incredible game we invite you to enter its page on kickstarter Surrealist Dinner Party by Mary Flanagan and Max Seidman.

We invite you to follow Resonym on its different social networks, they are in charge of bringing this wonderful board game to life.




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