Interview with Trevor Zammit, TMNT Brand manager for NECA *INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW!*

Our friends from NECA are working full-throttle with the TMNT license and they have many projects ongoing, Trevor Zammit, the man in charge of these efforts had a talk with us and gave us an exclusive Sneakpeek of a figure they are presenting this week during the Comic Con at Home panel.

So what are NECA’s plans? Let us hear them from him:

Collectible 506: In our web the TMNT like is the most popular, some articles even at 140.000 views for a figure. Did you guys implemented more units in production considering more countries now?

Trevor Zammit: Yes, definitely. Once we were able to secure worldwide distribution, we were able to produce more of the current figures and put in reorders on past offerings.

C506: What’s coming for TMNT?

TZ: Lots of cool stuff. We have more animated series figures in the works; there might even be a vehicle or two. There are also several new movie figures in development as well as some fan favorite video game and comic book characters. We try to balance all four of those categories throughout the year (cartoon, movie, video games, comics) so there is something for everyone.

C506: Do you plan to release more units due to high sales? To avoid expensive prices in the aftermarket.

TZ: Yes, the Turtles have continually exceeded expectations so we are constantly putting in reorders to meet demand.

C506: How do you feel about recovering something as big as TMNT and redo it? I know you even have the original movie’s suits.

TZ: I’m extremely proud of the work the Neca team has done on all our TMNT figures but the 1990 movie stuff is by far my favorite. I had a chance to see one of the original suits being restored. That was big help while we were sculpting the original 1/4 scale figures. There are many little details that you see in person that don’t show up on film. For example: the elbow pads and knee pads lace up in a very specific way, all the belts have weird little tabs and straps and studs all over them. They had this “basketball” kind of texture all over their bodies. It was amazing to actually see one of these suits so many years later.

C506: What products can we expect in the near future? Any Sneak Peek? Maybe Krang with its android suit?

TZ: Krang’s Android Body? We are definitely making that. It should be available 3rd quarter 2020. It’s loaded with all kinds of accessories like weapon attachments for his hands, an all-new Krang sculpt, even baby Shredder. Another figure we get many, many requests for is Mondo Gecko… I can confirm he will be in wave 5 of the animated line.

C506: Besides Walmart or Gamestop, are you negotiating or considering other retailers?

TZ: Target & Walmart are our two biggest retail partners in the US. Some items, like the Turtles in Time figures, are exclusive to specialty shops and online retailers. International customers can purchase product directly from

C506: What do you think about Latin America market growth, almost at USA level, due to TMNT being a big deal over here?

TZ: It’s great. Ninja Turtles continues to be a global phenomenon, decades later. Fans in Latin American have have been asking for these figures for years and we are thrilled to finally make them available for you.

And what about the exclusive?!!

Well, Trevor sent us the first images  of Mondo Gecko, no one else outside NECA has seen it before and now you are one of the firsts to take a look, before the presentation. (click to enlarge)

So, what do you think? Are you as hyped as we are? Let us Know!

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