NECA declares war against scalpers

In case you missed our story from yesterday, we want to reiterate that we hear you. We have read your feedback and criticism.

It’s become very obvious that recently a number of resellers are using sophisticated bots to capture our exclusives with the intent of selling them. We are in the process of installing features to slow down and stop the bots including limiting shipments to the same address, putting up CAPTCHA systems, along with other remedies. These features may not be immediate, but we are looking to implement them in the near future.

If you can’t get them now, please be aware that we are placing additional orders for popular items such as Casey Jones & Disguised Raphael and Bebop & Rocksteady. Additionally, we have a nice surprise for you in the coming weeks with an online exclusive that fans will be able to get 1 of.

Stay tuned for details.

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