Discover Roll Camera! The board game that lets you write, storyboard, shoot, edit and premiere a movie with your friends

Work as a team to achieve your goal, in Roll Camera! You will have to work with your friends to create a quality movie before your time and money run out. Continue with us to discover all the details of this board game.

Malachi Ray Rempen presents Roll Camera! in which you must play with your team to win.

Now, how to play?

  1. Roll your crew dice
  2. Assign them to set
  3. Shoot scenes
  4. Assemble the edit
  5. Gain or lose quality

But be careful, everything in Roll Camera! It has a value, be it economic or energy costs, so work as a team to achieve your goals. He manages to record 5 scenes without delay and on budget and manages to win this game.

Below you can find a preview of this great board game.

What can we find inside Roll Camera!?

If you want to know more about how to play Roll Camera! We invite you to read its Rulebook, by clicking here.

The costs of this game start from $ 5 with a PnP version of this great game, so you have no excuse for not participating in this project, to buy it we invite you to enter the page on kickstarter Roll Camera! The Filmmaking Board Game.

You can also try Roll Camera! via Tabletop Simulator: Roll Camera! Prototype

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