Meet Rhino-Boom, the incredible hero who fights for justice, fame and money

Jacob Bear, Dan Feldmeier and Kelly P Chandra present Rhino-Boom: Enter the Dojo, where we will meet the great Rhino-Boom, a bounty hunter and hero for hire. Stay with us for all the details.

Rhino-Boom is a highly confident bounty hunter and hero for hire, who is outmatched when he tries to bring in his latest prey, the dangerous Dredge!

This character was developed by Jacob Bear in 2011 and then you can see all the team involved in the project.

Story by Jacob Bear & Dan Feldmeier
Written by Dan Feldmeier
Lapices by Kelly P Chandra
Finishes and colors by Jacob Bear

Jacob Bear himself tells us a bit about this great character:

Rhino-Boom is a character that I created back in 2011. I describe him as the Hulk with the personality of Spider-Man and Deadpool combined. I’ve had a bunch of starts and stalls. Working with creators that just didn’t get the feel or right characterization I was looking for.

That is until now. I brought Dan Feldmeier in to help me get this story fleshed out and he absolutely got what I was going for. He nailed it! Then I was introduced to Kelly P Chandra’s art and absolutely fell in love with his style. He provided the pencils and I came in with the finishes and colors. With our styles combined I feel like we created an amazing looking book. We put our all into this book and feel this is an awesome introduction to this fun character. This is definitely a book you don’t want to miss!

As you can see, this character really has a lot to offer us, currently the publication of the first comic has been done through Kickstarter and below you can find some tiers that you can see in his project.

If you want to know more tiers and acquire this great comic, do not hesitate to enter in their Kickstarter page Rhino-Boom: Enter the Dojo

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