It’s Time to get RAD! with Loot Crate’s October Fallout Crate!

Help get through the post-apocalyptic boredom with the Loot Crate’s new October Fallout® Crate. The Vault can be a fun and exciting place when you subscribe to this rad crate stuffed with exclusive and officially licensed collectibles, gear, apparel and more from the Fallout universe

The new Fallout crate includes an exclusive Radscorpion figure, an exclusive Tesla Magazine T-shirt, an exclusive Lucky Deathclaw Hand Keychain and more exclusive Fallout items you can’t find anywhere else in this forsaken wasteland.

The bi-monthly Fallout crates are extremely limited and will sell out fast! To unbox the new October Fallout Rad! crate, order by October 3 at 9:00pm PST. Fallout crates are $34.99 plus shipping and handling.

Wander the wasteland with all the cool gear when you subscribe to the Fallout Crate!

Stay at the top of the high score leaderboard when you subscribe to the Loot Crate Gaming crate!

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