C506 invites you to learn more about Nira-X in this incredible interview with Bill Maus

In C506 we previously told you about a new project on Kickstarter, Nira-X Zombies vs Cheerleaders #1. Recently we had the great opportunity to speak with Bill Maus, the creator of Nira-X, so we invite you to continue with us to learn all the details of this interview.

Bill Maus is a comic writer and artist with a truly remarkable track record. Recently, in conjunction with 5FINITY comics, he has launched a new comic called Nira-X Zombies vs Cheerleaders #1 which is being developed on Kickstarter.

Without further delay, we leave you this interview below.

C506: Hi Bill, it is a pleasure to have you with us. As we have seen, Nira-X was born more than 25 years ago!! This is a really amazing event, do you think you can tell us a bit about how this character was born?

Bill Maus: When I was drawing and writing for Entity Comics in the early 1990’s, I was lucky enough to be writing and drawing a new Zen Intergalactic Ninja series (Created by Steve Stern and Dan Cote). They allowed me lots of creative freedom with that series and I was given permission to flesh out the book with new characters that I would create and retain the rights to.

That’s when I created Nira-X. She was introduced as a spacefaring bounty hunter that was sent to help Zen on a mission to stop a temporal criminal named Paradoxx. That first appearance was in Zen Intergalactic Ninja #0 from Entity Comics in 1993.

C506: It is incredible all the time that has passed since this happened, with this another question arises, well as we all know the change is inevitable with respect to the passing of time, how has Nira-X changed since her first appearance in 1993?

Bill Maus: We all evolve and improve over time. Art styles and storytelling improves over the years –but as far as her character goes, her core power set of time-travel and being able to jump from one dimension to another has allowed her character to live many lives. She’s been a reluctant time-traveler, a super hero, a secret agent, a bounty hunter and all around 90’s bad girl–even though, at the end of the day, she’s a fun loving and strong person who always tries to do the right thing. She gets dragged into her adventures, but I know she would rather watch a movie and have some pizza.

Her new stories are a refresh point for her. Not really a reboot-because her past continuity is still back there–all those lives that she lived are still a part of her, but a fresh jumping on point for her to start anew anda good place for new readers to enjoy her adventures and begin this new journey along with her.

C506: Nira-X is really an excellent example of independent comics, how different is it to talk about an indie comic to a mainstream comic?

Bill Maus: I think it’s VERY different. Mainstream comics have such a larger responsibility–answering to the commercial machine and attempting to be inclusive to so many age groups and types of fans and markets. It takes teams and teams of people to make mainstream entertainment work and come out on time in order to meet so many expectations.

Indie comics can be whatever the artist wants it to be–you’re not buying the brand as much as you are collecting the creative works of a small group of artists…or even just a single artist, on a book. It’s personal and the story can be something the artist just made for him or herself. It doesn’t have to be a story that covers all the checkboxes of commercial catalogs. It can be whatever the artist felt inspired to draw that month. The artist, in the end, is really only answering to himself or herself–and the fans who support their work.

C506: I really love this answer, as readers on many occasions we get tired of always reading the same thing in mainstream comics, and that is where indie comics come to save the day and really without creators like you we could not have this refreshing content . Going back to Nira-X, I would like to ask you, how was this new comic born? What led to this crossover with zombies vs cheerleaders?

Bill Maus: I’ve worked with Steve Frank (the publisher of Zombies vs Cheerleaders, from 5finity Productions) for years. I’ve been lucky to have drawn some stories for him in the past, along with lettering and coloring many more. We both wanted to have something fun and exciting for fans to enjoy with us, especially during this time, when a lot of us can’t travel and escape like we usually do, and this felt like the perfect fun and  crazy project to give us all a good time! I really miss my family and friends in San Diego and in Puerto Rico (among a bunch of other places)–so this is also a way to make us all feel a little closer with something  fun to share! What’s better than zombies and space chicks?? Ja!

C506: And many people, including myself, really appreciate this, so tell us what can we expect in this new comic?

Bill Maus: The new comic follows Nira-X taking on a new bounty hunting job–a monstrous criminal that she has to bring back is hiding out on earth! When she gets there, she gets more trouble than she signed up for, as she discovers a zombie plague taking over the small town. The last survivors, a group of sexy cheerleaders, need Nira’s help to escape the town–but can they escape and still get the bounty?? Can they stop the zombie plague from spreading past the town?? It’s going to be a crazy monster fighting fun story, with a few familiar faces from Nira’s past making appearances! The book is full color 28 pages front to back story– and a huge comeback for Nira-X Cyberangel 🙂

C506: Finally I would like to know if you want to give a final word to our readers

Bill Maus: I want to say a big thank you for reading about our book and checking it out! It’s more fun when we have more people to share it with! Y muchas gracias a Sammy–for writing an article about us that my family in Puerto Rico can actually read! So cool- lol. Be safe!

Without a doubt, Bill Maus is an incredible person with an indisputable talent, if you want to buy his most recent work, do not hesitate to enter his kickstarter project Nira-X Zombies vs Cheerleaders #1

On behalf of C506 we want to thank Bill for giving us his time and in turn we want to invite them to support independent comics, without them we could not enjoy such original content in comics.

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