(C506) Brian Stelfreeze is Back with a new Spy Thriller Comic!

After several years of absence, the great artist in charge of the 2016 reboot of Black Panther returns. On this occasion Brian Stelfreeze in addition to taking care of the art, will also co-write “Thomas River” a spy thriller. 

River at first glance is an engineer who travels the world due to his work, when in reality he is an African American spy who is a worthy successor to legendary characters such as James Bond, Napoleon Solo, and Ethan Hunt. 

This series marks Stelfreeze’s return to interior art, after successfully ending his stint at Marvel in 2017 with Black Panther, alongside Ta-Nehisi Coates (writer).

In this new spy title, he is joined by Doug Warner as co-writer and co-creator, Michelle Proust as colorist and Ed Dukeshire as letterer.

When I was a kid, almost all spies came from sophisticated places, like London, but there wasn’t one that came from anywhere close to where I came from. There was no connection to my real life experience, something I could identify with. We started talking about this with Doug Wagner. Between the two of us, we began to think about how to unite those ideas and transform them on a story about an ordinary person who is a super spy. Said Stelfreeze

“River is the culmination of a relationship that goes back to the first day Brian and I met. That day, almost 30 years ago, we discovered that we were soul mates, obsessed with becoming better storytellers and creatives. It has been the foundation of our friendship and most of what we talk about to this day. ” Said Wagner.

When it comes to the origin of the project, Stelfreeze explained: Black Panther really made me go inward and tap into my personal experiences and that truthfulness changes you. I wanted to stay in that well a little longer because I feel like there is more I can say and share. 

Thomas River starts off with a 40-page first issue, funded via Kickstarter. More information about that campaign like, the features added after reaching certain goals  will be released in the coming weeks, per the creators.

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