‘Road-lite’ Nightvision: Drive Forever shifts into gear for launch

Hoodust Enterprises is fueling up and buffing out the paint job on Nightvision: Drive Forever for its launch on Steam this October 13th. Available to wishlist nowNightvision is an atmospheric and challenging night-driving experience set across a procedurally generated dusty mountain expanse, plus a multitude of perception-bending bonus modes.

Players will be able to take Nightvision for a demo test drive during the Steam Festival: Autumn Edition (running October 7th to 13th) and pick up the full game during the final day of the event. In the meantime, enjoy the release date trailer below, showcasing Nightvision’s many bonus modes.

Nightvision: Drive Forever is an arcade driving experience unlike any other. Realistic handling meets frantic times sprints across hazardous, procedurally generated roads. One mistake can lead to failure, and a spectacular car crash, so victory requires intense focus. Players will first experience the world of Nightvision through its narrative story mode; a tale of the risks we take for the ones we love.

Outside of the story, players will challenge an endless variety of procedurally generated tracks. Spicing up the challenge in Nightvision is a truckload of unlockable bonus modes, each offering a new mechanical or visual twist on the action. From reliving the earliest days of arcade driving games in 1976 and 1979 modes, to exploring the retro-futuristic vector dreamscapes of Cyberspace – it’s a new and wild ride every time.

Players will tackle lunar roads in Apollo 18 mode and fight to stay on the road in the lethal Floor Is Lava mode. Nostalgic for the heyday of arcade driving? Try the third-person 1982 mode, or embrace the age of chunky flat-shaded polygons in 1992 mode. There’s even the challenging Hue Highway, a playful tribute to the most enduring of classic kart racers, and – of course – there’s no safety rails on that one, so steer carefully.

A list of features include:

  • Realistic seat-of-your-pants racing featuring the challenge of limited visibility.
  • Procedurally generated desert highways, designed by RoadGen™ artificial intelligence.
  • No map, no memorization. Just your own driving skills versus endless unpredictable roads.
  • Zone out long into the night in Endless Mode – no pressure, just boundless trails.
  • More intense weather types, including fierce storms and driving rain.
  • Activate one of 17+ bonus modes to bring a wilder, weirder vibe to your next trip.
  • An extensive Story Mode; discover what drives someone to such a perilous journey.
  • Share and compete with other players on your favorite roads with shareable seeds.

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