Trigon: Space Story, a space roguelike adventure game for Steam

Developer Sernur Tech has today announced the launch of its new title, Trigon: Space Story, a space roguelike adventure game for Steam. In this galactic title, players are charged with commandeering their spaceship crews to win tactical battles and uncover the vast space of the galaxy, which includes Trigon, the most sinister and enigmatic star in the universe. The title will be coming to Steam in 2020.

Tactical Battles

In Trigon: Space Story, players can experience the depth of galactic exploration and space combat, while managing their crews and upgrading them to their liking and playstyle. Spaceships contain multiple battle systems that can be adjusted and ramped up during the game. It’s just as important to take care of the ship as the captain.

In combat, players can overwhelm their enemies’ defense with a vast array of weapons, or destroy their opponent’s life-support system and watch them fall as oxygen depletes.

Each crew has a unique ability such as sending landing forces to unexpectedly board the enemy’s ship or exploiting crew members’ abilities and take control of the other party’s ship without damaging its valuable cargo. In addition to abilities, crews are upgradeable to include passive perks and specializations.

New Adventures Every Game

All adventures can be generated: space clashes, interactive events, and even social interactions with the crew. Each game follows a different path, and each time players can take on a new role. Players can play as a good-hearted captain eager to save the world one day, whereas the next day they may turn their captain into an evil pirate, killing and robbing everyone on the way. Or players can take the role of a soldier of fortune, hired by a large corporation to take on hit contacts. Whatever the choice is, the experience will be unique.

Incredible and Vast World Building

The Universe is inhabited by adventurous humans and hunters, warmongering and dangerous Rakkhs, sophisticated and supercilious Etari, mysterious and shrewd Taertikons. They’re the key races with their own characteristics, ships, and missions. Apart from that, there are several factions in the game, like space pirates, who are not averse to profiting off of a space traveler they run into, or merchants ready to trade everything and everyone for their own gain.

Trigon: Space Story can be wishlisted on Steam.

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