C506 Review – Bloodthirsty *NO SPOILERS*

If you see or feel you did something and no one else saw it, was it real or you went crazy?

Grey (Lauren Beatty)  is a singer, she had a good first album, lives a happy life with her girlfriend Charlie (Katharine King So) but there is something clouding her happiness: she has hallucinations about becoming a monster. She goes to therapy but she is not sure if it is just her head messing with her or there is something going on.

Being concerned about having a “Second Album Flop” (it is a real thing, google it) she goes with Vaughn (Greg Bryk), an important music producer and starts recording using his studio in the woods. Over there, she will get more than she asked for and discover the true nature of what is going on with her.

I am aware not all horror films need to have slashes and murders every 3 minutes, but most of the time, movie looks more like a psychological thriller than an actual horror movie, it can be boring at some points, with some unnecessary drama between the main couple and some music recording  and “training”scenes taking you to movies like Whiplash.

All these situations make you forget the main purpose of the movie and it does not use the “Is she a monster or she is just plain crazy?” resource which it is potentially captivating the way it keeps your eyes on the screen.

The movie has good elements like cinematography. Light, colors and environment are fit for the place where the story occurs but I would like to highlight the music. It is not usual for a movie of the genre to use original songs, which are not bad at all and help to explain the moment of the film or what is going on inside Grey’s mind.

The ending is no unexpected, which is not bad by itself (horror movies are kind of formulaic) but it feels like it was done in a hurried way, solving the issue in the blink of an eye.

Bloodthirsty stays in the edge of being outstanding, if it was a thriller it could have been a good one, but I feel it is mid tier in horror.

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