This Week at Paizo, Sep 27 – Oct 3

This Week at Paizo!

Check out what we have in store this week on Twitch!

Also if you’re interested in running your own Pathfinder or Starfinder streams, we released some awesome art assets which are free to use for your own shows! You can find them here.

Be aware that some of the shows on the schedule may be canceled at any moment. We prioritize our employees and content creator’s safety over their productions as we all deal with the current pandemic, we apologize in advance if plans abruptly change from what’s scheduled here.

So here is what’s happening this week at OfficialPaizo on Twitch!

Tales from the Drift: Harbinger Awakens

First, you realize you are floating.

Have you always been floating? That feels both accurate and also not quite true. The concept of floating is certainly core to your experience, but perhaps not core to who you are.

“We are many things.”

The thought is not yours, but it comes from within you. You are concerned, certainly. But not fearful. You are neither surprised by this not-yours thought coming from within yourself nor frightened by it. Why does an unknown thought not frighten you?…..

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October Update – New Boons, Guides, Stars and Conventions

Read the update from Alex Speidel, Organized Play Associate, and Tonya Woldridge, Organized Play Manager.

How to update PFS characters to Year 2 format

We address some of the feedback we received to the updated Guide to Organized Play: Pathfinder Society—in particular how to bring existing characters up to date.


Starfinder Playtest Wrap-Up!

Now that the dust has settled from our months-long public playtest of Starfinder’s upcoming nanocyte class and mech system, we’d like to leave you with a few final thoughts.

New Releases Coming October 2020

We help keep your imagination alive with a plethora of tricks and treats, including adventures that have you holed up in an abandoned guildhall as you wait out a torrential storm, decisions that could affect the future of the galaxy, and a guide to lifelong discovery, friendship, and adventure!

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