Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition: New Details and Updates!

Wizkids is trill  to share with you some new and exciting new images of our progress on Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition!  These images, which you can find below, will show you the massive quantity of components, and the detail put into each one. We are taking the time and care to ensure that the game gives players the most exciting, epic experience possible in this all-new edition of Christian Marcussen’s hit.

With all the uncertainties of the past year, we wanted to get every detail right and be able to provide the highest-quality product possible. Because of this, we have made the decision to push the game’s release back to Spring 2021. Additionally, the price will now be set at $149.99. This will allow us to thoroughly fine-tune each and every piece of the game and present it with the level of distinction it deserves.

To help clarify some information about the game, as well as provide more information about it, we’ve compiled some notable points about the game below. Please feel free to use any or all of these in your promotions and coverage to help this excellent game really shine!

Notable Points

  • The Complete Experience: Includes the highly sought-after Civilizations and Aztecs expansions for an epic adventure!
  • Extraordinary New Components: Fully sculpted minis of the 7 Wonders, and a new 8th Wonder, included for the first time!
  • Luscious Detail: Each wonder is designed in beautiful gold plastic with a dark wash that brings out every detail.
  • Stunning Upgrades: All new cover art, leader art, tile art, newly sculpted minis, and graphic design.
  • Breathtaking Miniatures: The game comes with 350 highly detailed miniatures.
  • All-New Combat: Improved combat system featuring 9 custom 12-sided dice.
  • Streamlined Rules: Play seamlessly with or without the expansion.

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