Curved Space warps back into the Steam Autumn Game Festival

Only By Midnight is proud to be bringing their debut title, Curved Space, to the Steam Festival: Autumn Edition. It’s launching on PC via Steam, as well as Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, plus next-gen consoles, early next year. Curved Space is a frantic third-person arcade shooter. Players can jump in early and play the demo on Steam today. From October 7th until October 13th, would-be spider wranglers can take an energy harvesting gunship out for a free test drive, showcasing the first act of Curved Space’s branching, reactive story mode, and wishlist it to be informed when a release date is announced.

Featuring a replayable and branching Story Mode (where player choices can have strange and far-reaching effects), and an endlessly escalating Arcade Mode for high-score chasing pros, Curved Space pays tribute to twin-stick and arena shooter classics while blazing its own trail. Set across a series of stations, asteroids and floating space constructs, players control a high-powered gunship turned energy-mining craft, simultaneously battling and leeching power from extra-dimensional alien spiders in order to power the future civilization.

Accompanied by a pulsing synthwave soundtrack courtesy of FiXT Neon, the demo features the tutorial and the first act of the Story Mode, giving players their first taste of Curved Space’s expansive arsenal of weird and wonderful weaponry, and their first few story branches to explore. PC players can also join a closed beta test via the Only By Midnight Discord channel and take an early peek at the Arcade Mode, as well as contribute feedback that will shape the game over the coming months. See some of the changes inspired by player feedback in this developer blog post.


  • ● 2D twin-stick style shooter action wrapped around gravity-defying warped 3D arenas.
  • ● High-energy synthwave soundtrack featuring artists Scandroid, Fury Weekend & 3FORCE.
  • ● Master advanced ship systems – energy lashes, dash-boosters, and the Overdrive Mode.
  • ● A non-linear Story Mode sends players down unpredictable timelines to strange endings.
  • ● Stylish comic-style cutscenes from Heavy Metal artist Kyle Charles.
  • ● Tons of weird and wonderful alien insects to battle, lasso, and leech energy from.
  • ● Face massive multi-stage boss battles in Story and Survival Mode.
  • ● Over twenty weapons, from laser cannons to magnetic throwing blades.

Curved Space launches early 2021 on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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