Zenescope’s Van Helsing Kickstarter Funded in under 3 Hours

Zenescope Entertainment launched its newest Kickstarter for the company’s  “bishoujo-style” line of statues based on the characters from its massive female-driven shared universe. The campaign was funded in less than four hours.

The third statue in the Zenescope line is Liesel Van Helsing. The British born Van Helsing is also the inspiration for the SyFy Channel TV Series of the same name. While the television series differs from the comic book series storyline, both versions have large and dedicated fan followings.  This statue features the time-hopping steampunk hero in all of her badass glory!

The Kickstarter will run for 25 days and there are many levels fans can pledge to in order to receive limited edition collectibles that will very likely rise in value as only Zenescope products can.

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