BST AXN Launches as a 1:15 Scale Action Figure Disruptor and we are loving it

We have amazing news from our friends from BST AXN from LOS ANGELES, Calif… and this are global news. The Loyal Subjects created a Product Line Boasting a Very popular Scale, Great Features, Assortment and Best Quality at the Best Price! (pronounced “Best Action” just in case :).

You have to very very happy when you work with people around the world and find brands working for different markets, like THE LOYAL SUBJECTS a collectibles company known for selling millions of Action Vinyls™, its 3” stylized action figure hybrids – and now, the best format in one of the most storied categories in toys is being presented: Action Figures. Oh Yeah!!.

Sorry for the Hype, you know C506, we are about Action Figures and INTL Markets.

The new BST AXN™ 1:15 scale Action Figures from TLS are hyper-poseable with up to 31 points of articulation using a modern armature system which brings the figures closer to life, killer paint details, super character likeness, interchangeable hands, multiple accessories, and great sculpt details, all at a super affordable price point of $15.99 SRP!

With its amazing assortment and variety, BST AXN™ this is an Action Figure you NEED.

And what about the IP ? whats this all about? We have a cool Mashup, representing everything from Anime, to Action/Adventure, to Sci-Fi, to Movies/TV/Cartoons, to Nostalgia. This are literally the words of TLS Founder and CEO Jonathan Cathey, and a great person to have a conversation with.

“There isn’t a rock that hasn’t been lifted, not a single detail left unchecked, BST AXN has it all! Spanning favorite properties,
BST AXN is the comfort food for all action figure enthusiasts. For young and old, not a fan left behind!”

While the industry split the category in two directions: boys toys – dull on details, washed out sculpt features, decals for deco – and large scale figures – clunky, overpriced large scale dust collectors with a financial commitment that is the bane of wives and girlfriend.

The Loyal Subjects has created the secret sauce which
everyone from all collector corners can embrace! Say “So long” to the large plastic door jams cluttering up the shelves, say “So long” to spending $70.00+ for a piece of your childhood memories, say “So long” to the lame “beat-‘em-up-in-the-backyard” cheap plastic batons, and say “Hello” to BST AXN™ – playable, poseable, high quality, detailed, uniform, all at a 5” size, and ONLY $15.99!

For our readers in USA, The first BST AXN™ roll out is in the Entertainment Section at Walmart, available now! Included in the set are an Anime assortment of Fullmetal Alchemist™ (Edward Elric™ and Alphonse Elric™), Cowboy Bebop™ (Spike Spiegel™ and Vicious™), Naruto Shippuden™ (Kakshi Hatake™, and Naruto Uzumaki™).

Following in October will be The Demon® (Gene Simmons, KISS), Angus Young (AC/DC™) and Slash™ (Guns N’Roses) in the Music Section, and Gandalf the Grey™, Napoleon Dynamite™, and Lightning from Big Trouble in Little China™ in Entertainment!

With other launch partners including Hot Topic, GameStop, Diamond Comic Distributors, and TLS international distributors (all available in November) –

And Target (available in April 2021), this undoubtedly is going to be a BST AXN™ Holiday! On the horizon are 1:15 scale The Spaceman® (Ace Frehley, KISS), Sauron™ (Lord of the Rings™), Gizmo™ and Stripe™ (Gremlins™), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™, Avatar: The Last Airbender™, Buffy™ and Angel™ (Buffy the Vampire Slayer™), Rock Lee™ and Sasuke Uchiha™ (Naruto Shippuden™).

Death Note™, Starship Troopers™, Ozzy Osbourne™, and more! All with killer sculpt details, tons of playability, tons of poseability, “swap-out” heads and hands, killer accessories, BST AXN™ insignia stands, and a secret BST AXN™ sticker included in every box!

Just look for the Killer B’s! BST AXN, BST FEATURES, BST ARTICULATION and BST ASSORTMENT, undoubtedly ALL for the BST PRICE! Taking over the Action Figure game, one peg at a time!

If you are in Mexico, our pals from Novelmex got you covered and we already did a huge article about the products and literally talked with them to get this pieces rolling and even raffles for you guys, come and take a look please:

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