Fangoria Studios to produce sci-fi & horror projects for film, television, and digital with partner Circle of Confusion
Entertainment & Publishing company FANGORIA has launched Fangoria Studios to develop and produce film, television, and podcasts using the iconic FANGORIA, STARLOG, and GOREZONE brands with an eye towards developing a slate of sci-fi and horror projects with global appeal. Circle of Confusion will represent them in all areas.
There are many great stories in genre that have yet to be told from cultures rich with folklore and monsters of their own. When it comes to horror everyone screams in the same language.
“We’re incredibly excited to begin a new chapter of our 40+ year old brands to launch FANGORIA Studios with our partners at Circle of Confusion. As filmmakers ourselves, our commitment is to expand genre across the world. We want to share original stories with audiences both domestically and internationally,” said Owners Tara Ansley & Abhi Goel.
For decades FANGORIA has provided a platform to highlight those in front of and behind the camera, and now FANGORIA Studios is excited to develop their own projects with their partner Circle of Confusion, who has an incredible track record of discovering new talent with projects like The Walking Dead, John Wick and The Matrix franchises.
We celebrate the genre communities being massive and diverse. FANGORIA Studios seeks to create new icons of genre both in front and behind the camera.
Since 1979, FANGORIA has lived up to its moniker as “First In Fright,” growing across the decades to become one of the most influential horror brands in the genre. Recently acquired by producer Tara Ansley and serial entrepreneur Abhi Goel, FANGORIA is now being ushered (along with sister brands STARLOG and GOREZONE) into the digital space to thrive as an iconic genre media destination. FANGORIA’s mission is to honor its 40-plus-year legacy through generation-spanning content across its printed quarterly collectable magazine, web, film, TV, podcasts, gaming and more. We celebrate the genre communities being massive and diverse. When it comes to horror everyone screams in the same language.
Circle of Confusion is a premiere management and production destination for exceptional actors, writers, directors, content creators, publishers and journalists. Circle is active in creating a broad spectrum of television series and feature films, and specializes in the discovery of original, unique and compelling voices. We proudly support diverse artists from all backgrounds and actively encourage creative freedom. With offices in Los Angeles and New York, Circle of Confusion serves clients and productions throughout the world.
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