PULGASAURI Smashes February

After 2020’s lightning-fast sell-out of Pulgasauri Blue, Korea’s most notorious 164-foot-tall, 3000 ton creature rises again… again!

Pulgasari was a horned, scaled civilization-wrecker, and the titular star of a kaiju film from 1985, funded by the North Korean government.

A limited edition Mondo exclusive sculpted by Dope Pope and painted by Hector Arce, this raging 8″ wrath-fueled red / orange beast based on Pulgasari is the first of four we’ll be releasing this month, and is a crucial creature contribution to any sofubi collector’s most prized display case!

Pulgasauri Red

The First of Four in February
Designed by Dope Pope and Hector Arce



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