C506 Review: The Toll

What if you take an (insert your favorite app here) ride and instead of getting to the place you intend you end up with your life put in danger? That is the main premise in “The Toll”.

Cami (Jordan Hayes) requests a ride and her driver comes to be Spencer (Max Topplin) a really creepy looking guy and we don’t blame you if you think he is the killer. But no…

Her destination was a cabin in the woods (a basic  for horror), but they end up in a strange land ruled by a guy who decides the price to pay for leaving that place: The Tollman.

In a place that reminds you places like The Village (M. K. Shyamalan) or this kind of cult members reminding you movies like Misdsommar, both characters have some kind of trial about their actions with some kind of “afterlife stage”. We spoke with Michael Nader (the director) on this interview.

The major flaw is that there are many elements that could be useful or interesting but they are just mentioned or make a brief stint so they don’t have any influence. Such a shame, because that could make those 80 minutes way better. The film is filled with jumpscares but nothing making you feel actual terror You feel stressed in some situations but nothing like “I could not sleep”.

The ending is the biggest flaw, looks like it was done in a hurry to wrap everything up  and feels like contradictory of everything showed along the film. The movie comes out on Blue Ray and streaming on March 30th. I recommended it if you feel like watching the new horror film directors proposals but don’t expect something really transcendental.

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