KATAMARI DAMACY posters by We Buy Your Kids and Landland

Nahhh-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na… KATAMARI DAMACY!

To this day, Bandai-Namco’s 2004 masterpiece, KATAMARI DAMACY, is one of the best games ever. This game ruled 17 years ago, and it still rules today, and we at Mondo will forever champion its greatness. Tomorrow we have two beautiful new posters for the game by some of our favorite artists: We Buy Your Kids and Landland.

Posters available Thursday, 5/27 at 11 AM Central on The Drop.

KATAMARI DAMACY Screenprinted Poster

Art by We Buy Your Kids
Edition of 200



KATAMARI DAMACY Screenprinted Poster

Art by Landland
Edition of 225


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