Neca – comic con exclusive pre sale!

Pre orders begin THURSDAY 7/22/21 at 1 pm ET on

TMNT (Cartoon) – Channel 6 Newsroom 4 pack and accessory set bundle $ 175

King figures – Flash Gordon (Classic toy appearance ) $30

King Features – Ming (Cassic toy appearance) $30

( US and international availablity – please click the correct listing)


Everything except the accessory set will also be available in target upon release.

Are you kitten me rigth meow? A freak accident turns April into a feisty feline, frantic antics ensue in “The Catwoman from Channel 6”! Includes Catwoman April, Irma, Burne, Vernon, and torn of extras. The accessory set ir a perk EXCLUSIVE TO The ONLINE Sale and includes a t-shirt, enamel pin, iron – on patch, póster and press ID.




Flash Gordon and his sinister enemy, Ming the Merciless, are two of the most famous names in the cartoon, comic book and movie history! Inspired by the classic toy that supported the tv animation. The 7″ scale figures reflect the costume and details from that beloved 1979 line. Vintage-style blister card packaging

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