5FINITY invites us to meet Mandy & Trizia in their new kickstarter project

Kickstarter is a wonderful world, which brings incredible projects to life and this is no exception, 5FINITY will unite the worlds of Mandy and Trizia. If you want to know more about this comic, continue with us.

Mandy and Trizia are characters already established for many years, being one of the most admired pin-up characters in the industry, however, we have not yet seen them together in a comic … Until now.

Each one has its own stories, currently Mandy (By Dean Yeagle) has become the consummate American girl next door pin-up character and Trizia (By Pedro Perez) has dominated Europe’s good girl market.

This authorized pin-up comic features many variant covers and pin-ups, all brand new, being published for the first time. Featured artists include, but is not limited to, Dean Yeagle, Pedro Perez, Patrick Finch, Bill Maus, Danielle Gransaull, Pasquale Qualano, Sarah Con Hache, D Lo, Ale Garza, Silvyra, Tim Seeley, Chuck Carson, Derek Stewart, Ryan van der Draaij, Begutirod, Mary Bellamy, Jerry Carr, Scott Underwood, Jordi Bayarri, and Nathan Wiedemer!

This pin-up comic is 28 pages and in full color. The covers will be serial numbered on the back cover based on the number of pledges made (unless already designated as limited), respectively, plus a small over-run.

Below you can see some of the comics that are available in the kickstarter project.

If you want to know more about this incredible project, as well as see all the possibilities that this project has, we invite you to enter its page, clicking here Mandy & Trizia Pin-up Comic Book

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