Dean Yeagle and Pedro Pérez tell us about their new project, Mandy & Trizia. Only on kickstarter

We recently told you about the new 5FINITY comic, Mandy & Trizia. Today we have the authors of the comic for an interview. Continue with us to discover this wonderful project.

Without further delay, we leave you with the interview with these incredible artists.

C506: Greetings, it is an honor to have artists like you with us, Dan Yeagle is the creator of Mandy, and Pedro Perez is the creator of Trizia. First of all, we would like to know, how would you describe your characters?

Dean Yeagle: Mandy is a good-hearted young woman with a rich imagination. Most of the stories about her happen in her dreams, which allows for talking dinosaurs, horses and all sorts of other fantasy creatures and situations.

Mandy is intelligent and spends much of her time explaining the world to these other-worldly creatures and talking them out of their wrong-headed ideas…for instance, the dinosaur wants to devour her for lunch. She gives him a short lesson on evolution and why he doesn’t actually exist anymore. In another book, she is dreaming she’s re-enacting the story of Lady Godiva and explaining to the horse she’s riding the story and why she happens to be riding naked.

Pedro Perez: I would describe her as a normal girl who has an innocent look towards life, a lover of video games, comics, and above all, drawing, she loves to draw.

C506: Both characters are really wonderful, now, as readers we would like to know, what can we expect from this new story?

Dean Yeagle: In this Kickstarter, we’re combining Mandy and Pedro Perez’s character Trizia. Both are beautiful young women with their own distinct personalities and ways of viewing the world and getting through life. Pedro and I have been long-distance friends for some years now, and are great fans of each other’s work, so it seemed a good idea to combine our characters and have them meet each other’s fans all over the world. We hope they’ll each obtain some new followers that way.

Pedro Perez: I am very excited because Dean Yeagle is a great reference for me. Trizia, in a way, was created partly because I saw Dean’s work with Mandy and I loved the character of Mandy. I never thought that over time Trizia and Mandy would be friends. I hope that people like it and enjoy the book that will come out soon where you can see them both together.

C506: Thank you very much for sharing with us a little about your project. Finally, we would like to know if you would like to give a final message for our readers.

Dean Yeagle: hope you’ll enjoy our characters and follow their adventures in our books. Thanks!

Pedro Perez: Do what you do or propose in life, enjoy it, enjoying things is how they turn out well.

Remember thar if you want to know more about this incredible project, as well as see all the possibilities that this project has, we invite you to enter its page,  clicking here Mandy & Trizia Pin-up Comic Book.

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