J. Burrello arrives at C506 to discuss his project, The Book of Barb

C506 proudly presents an interview with J. Burrello, who will tell us about his latest project, The Book of Barb. Continue with us to read more about this incredible project.

C506: Hello, today we have J. Burrello with us, he is a great artist with stories like Blinky & Sal and Woolly the Big Cow. Today we will talk about The book of Barb, first of all we would like to know, could you tell us in your own words who is Barb?

J. Burrello: Barb is just a barbarian girl in a barbarian world. After her clan is destroyed by Skelemen from the Dwunge, she becomes a wandering warrior just hacking her way through monsters and foes (aided by her savage sidekick, Kornog).

C506: We would also like to know, how are Barb’s stories born?

J. Burrello: I have an idea for a situation or monster I want to see (usually pulling from sword-and-sorcery cliches), write a script, sketch an outline with characters in poses, ink it all, scan it, color digitally, print, and then dry heave into the void. Reset.

C506: In your project you told us that you have already been writing this story for three years, how do you feel when you see all this material together?

J. Burrello: Barb was stewing in my mind for months before I started making it. Her first adventure happened 2 years ago, and it is incredible to look at the whole thing (so far) together. It doesn’t always feel like a lot when it’s happening so this is sort of vindicating, because it’s like hey, I drew a lot of cartoons.

C506: Does the book of barb have a specific target audience or can anyone read it?

J. Burrello:Barb is a character whose adventures can be enjoyed by all ages. The only limitation is reading level. She has resonated with adults, but I think she is also a great role model for kids as well. The violence is cartoonish and mostly silly.

C506: In addition to Barb, could you tell us about the other characters that we will see?

J. Burrello:Barb is assisted by her partner in crime, Kornog of Yorm, a brutish bounty hunter who respects Barb’s ferocity. There’s also Sküllgorg, the skeletal ruler of the Dwunge and a host of other characters from Anthrax the unicorn, the King of the Sea, Santa Jaws, wandering samurai lovers, and a motley assortment of grim monsters. There are also a few cameos from my other strip, Blinky & Sal (for the diehard fans).

C506: Finally, would you like to give a final message to our readers?

J. Burrello:The world can be a savage place. Find the good people in it and hack it to bits.

Thank you all for reading us and remember thatIf you want to purchase your copy of The Book of Barb by J. Burrello or learn more about the project, you can click here and go directly to the project page.

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