Music Weekly: Full Metal Jacket – Original Soundtrack LP

The Mondo x Death Waltz 10th Anniversary celebration in on this week, with a continuation of their ongoing Stanley Kubrick series: a deluxe reissue of FULL METAL JACKET, featuring another incredible package from the genius Alan Hynes. This one has been a long time coming, and it turned out better than we could have imagined.
We’d also like to remind you, for the next ten weeks, they will be offering FREE domestic shipping on all vinyl orders over $100. And, if that wasn’t enough, will be giving away some out-of-print records across their social channels that  dug out from the archive, so make sure you are following them on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, so you don’t miss out.
Speaking of incredibly rare records, how do you fancy winning a stunning WAX MAGE, hand-poured edition of FULL METAL JACKET? With only 30 unique copies made, this edition will never be available for sale! They these for The Kubrick Estate and for the folks involved with bringing this project to life, but wanted  to give fans the chance to win one of these incredible looking releases. The hand-pour comes complete with a two-pack of army men (as featured on the jacket art), all signed and numbered by artist Alan Hynes, with a bag and header card. Made with love by the wizards at WAX MAGE, you can win your own copy, so make sure you’re following them on social on Thursday for details on how to enter.

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FULL METAL JACKET – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Seven-six-two millimeter. FULL METAL JACKET.

The soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick’s FULL METAL JACKET is an even split of memorable needle drops from artists such as The Dixie Cups, Nancy Sinatra, and The Trashmen, and an intense, moody score by Abigail Mead (actually Kubrick’s daughter Vivian under her preferred composer credit). Mead’s work delivers huge, haunting swathes of metallic drones and atmosphere, giving way to punishing rhythmic drums that sound like explosions, helicopters, and warfare. It’s a remarkable piece of music that sounds years ahead of its time.

FULL METAL JACKET – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Music by Abigail Mead and featuring songs from Nancy Sinatra, The Trashmen, The Dixie Cups and more. Artwork by Alan Hynes. Pressed on 140 Gram ‘Mother Green and Her Killing Machine’ vinyl. $30