Justin Gray returns to kickstarter to introduce us to a new issue of Spicy pulp

Justin Gray has worked with Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Hawkman, Power Girl, Jonah Hex, and many more. But now, it is time to continue with your own project, continue with us and discover more about Spicy Pulp.

Now, Spicy Pulp is Justin Gray’s own project and is back with another 60-page sci-fi fantasy comic featuring the conclusion of the 2-part Lady Redbeard: Doing Time storyline! Each issue of Spicy Pulp is packed with sci-fi fantasy, horror, and  adult themed stories.

According to Justin, each comic features a thirty or more page lead story and short or smaller backup serialized stories! These are escapist comics for mature readers meant to be a fun distraction from daily life!

In addition, in this new issue we will meet an all-new character, STRAWBERRY MILK in a short self-contained story! An independent contractor for Arts and Humanities, the enforcement arm of I.G.C.P.D., the Inter-Galactic Cultural Preservation Division. Her job includes protecting works of art, literature, sculpture, anything of cultural significance to the cosmos. This time she’s staring down a spacefaring race of culture vampires that apparently stumbled onto an old earth space probe carrying Elvis Presley records. She might be pink and cute, but she’s anything but sweet.

We invite you to enter the kickstarter page of the project and find out about these and many more surprises that Justin Gray has for us https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jvgray/spicy-pulp-issue-6-featuring-lady-redbeard

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