Join Izora on her quest for revenge in Fluff’s Fury #1

2/3 Comics presents their latest comic, Fluff’s Fury # 1, A comic that invites us to accompany Izora on her journey. Come and discover with us what it is all about.

Ask yourself, If your best friend was murdered right in front of your eyes when you were just a child… What would you do?

2/3 Comics wondered the same thing and brought us to life Fluff’s Fury, a mini-series of three numbers that introduces us to Izora, a young woman who fights for her revenge after seeing the murder of her teddy bear.

Our heroes of this series will be the young nuclear explosion of a woman named Izora and the memory of her gone-but-not-forgotten teddy bear and best friend, Lieutenant Colonel Fluff Fluffington the 3rd.

And what would a story be without the villains? The destroyer of the teddy was General Eavheal. He was once a highly decorated war hero who was nominated to be the leader of the World Unified Governments after his efforts led to a victory that stopped the worldwide war that plagued their planet of Tellus.

He has many defenders on his payroll, including the highly deadly and his personal elite special forces, the mercenary who is only loyal to those who can offer a decent battle, Eloi and even skyscraper size death machines such as the Titan Atlus!

This story will have three different covers which you can find below.

When acquiring your comic it will be signed by the creators of the series, Johnny Segura 3rd and Matt Chambers 3rd.

So if you want to acquire your copy, we invite you to visit the project’s page in kickstarter, where you can find more information and the different tiers that you can acquire .

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