The new interactive, transmedia comic is now live on Kickstarter!

Look no further for a very timely sci-fi thriller, Pandemic Punk #1, now live on Kickstarter! Written by TJ Walker (Phoenix Run) and Will Strode (Bojack Horseman), with art by Ari Syahrazad (Black Dahlias), Remus Brezeanu (Beethoven Immortal Genius), and Armin Ozdic. Colors by Dimitris Martin (Skies of Fire) and Łukasz Juśkewicz, letters by Micah Myers (He-Man Masters of the Universe: The Newspaper Comic Strips). Interactive cover and standard cover by Leo Colapietro (XO Manowar).

The world is sick. There is danger waiting at every turn. People who would do anything to get their hands on PHOENIX… people who would pay any price, do any deed, and surpass any limits.

In the not-so-distant eco/solar punk future, vaccines are currency. Man is alive. And there are decisions to be made. A new world order has come about. The dividing lines have shifted, no longer focusing on borders and boundaries. Instead, the concern for many is the deadly XE virus that is gripping the globe. No one has escaped the wrath of this vicious disease. For many, this was a death sentence.

Around the clock work managed to produce a vaccine. One that must be taken daily. If even a single dose is missed, then you run the risk of turning into one of them. It’s almost funny that people are just now finding out that there are worse fates than simply dying. This, of course, has created a divide. Enter Man – a smuggler that is well known for being able to get you anything that you could ever want, need, or dream about having. A smuggler who has just found the global cure for the pandemic, PHOENIX, in the palm of his hand.

How The Phoenix Run App Works

The Phoenix Run app is intended as a bridge for the story on each platform, the app will also add the interactive element to the story by allowing the reader/viewers to choose their own path.

With trans-media we are working on telling the story over multiple platforms, print, video and audio (music).

“For 10 years now I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with artists, filmmakers, musicians, and other creatives to build the world of Phoenix Run,” said TJ Walker. “It’s not only been a success but the ride of my life, and now I’m launching the first extension of the Phoenix Run world, Pandemic Punk. Now that phone and app technology is advanced far beyond when I first thought of the story, we are now able to tell these stories as they were intended, in a trans-media interactive format over multiple platforms.”

“It has always been a story about a world custom-built for inequality,” said Will Strode. “Most importantly, what does that do to people? It’s a story where people from all walks of life struggle against the same inevitable fate – take your dose or turn into a monster. Its world is one where the people on the bottom struggle to maintain their humanity while the people up top worry about acquiring more happiness and power, quite literally. It’s also about how all of those constructs eventually fall apart, because they are just that—constructs. At its heart, it’s about broken people finding a way to heal themselves. Through connection, through conquest, through acceptance, it’s a story about people from all walks of life realizing they are on the same level playing ground and dealing with it in whatever way they see fit.”

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