Exclusive interview with Justin Gray – Find out all about Spicy Pulp, his latest independent publication

The C506 team had the great honor of interviewing Justin Gray about his latest project, Spicy pulp. Come and discover with us everything we have for you.

Justin Gray is a talented comic book writer who really requires no introduction, we have seen his work on hit series such as Power Girl, Jonah Hex, Standstill and many, many more!

We recently got to talk to him about his latest kickstarter project, Spicy pulp, and about his work outside of the main comics. Without further delay, we leave you this great interview.

C506: Hi Justin, it’s great to have you with us. First of all, I would like to know in your own words what Spicy Pulp is all about.

Justin Gray: Spicy Pulp is a love letter to 1970’s and 80’s sci-fi, supernatural, fantasy, and sword and sorcery comics like Heavy Metal, Savage Sword of Conan and more. It is a 60-page comic that features a 30-page main story featuring a strong female lead and an additional 30-pages of short stories and pinups. These are mature stories because they contain nudity, violence, foul language, and mature themes.

C506: We could see that you have a new Spicy pulp comic around the corner, what can we expect from this new number that you present to us?

Justin Gray: This action-packed issue features the conclusion of the two-part Lady Redbeard: Doing Time story that began in issue #5. Lady Redbeard and her crew are wanted by the Emperor of Space and have been captured and thrown into time prison. Together they must survive a prison riot, help the prisoners escape, and exact revenge on the emperor. In addition to that story, we have two self-contained stories, one called Birth that gives insight to one of the characters in Lady Redbeard and another called Strawberry Milk about a freelance bounty hunter designed to protect planetary cultures from hostile aliens.

Lady RedBeard

C506: And now, after introducing us to the story of Lady Readbeard, what awaits us in Spicy Pulp?

Justin Gray: Over the last 6 issues of SPICY PULP, we have produced 364-pages of stories that include two Lady Redbeard features, one feature called The Road Witch, and several short or serialized stories like Dude-Bro the Barbarian. That is roughly 17 issues of a regular comic series and three trade paperbacks worth of material. The plan when this issue concludes is to Introduce a new line of supernatural comics called BLOODY PULP with the first feature story being I EAT MONSTERS with Lady Redbeard artist Rui Silviera.

C506: And well, on the other hand, It is great to see more and more artists having their own projects, how was this desire to present you in this new comic born?

Justin Gray: There were many deciding factors, but the main answer is that I was tired of doing corporate work-for-hire and needed to get back to the joy of making comics for myself and, of course the people that enjoy my work.

C506: Has it been different to work on your own comic compared to working on the main comics?

Justin Gray: Absolutely, from the creative freedom of controlling the content to overseeing every aspect of publishing from concept to finished product. That has been very rewarding and enlightening. I’ve learned more about making comics in the last 5 years than the previous 15. I have tried to grow creatively and within my skill set. Previously, I would hand in a script, get notes from the editor and that would be the end of it. Now I interact daily with artists, we discuss how to make each panel more exciting and interesting for the readers.

C506: And as a final question, I would like to know if you have any final comments for our readers?

Justin Gray: I endeavor to create all kinds of stories and cultivate ideas. For instance, you can visit jvgray.com to check out my horror survival comic called STANDSTILL, which I will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign for this fall featuring issues #7 and #8. The supernatural western comic, BILLY THE KIT goes on sale in comic shops October 6th and will run the first week of every month all the way into February 2022. I have a 76-page all-ages graphic novel called ARTHUR BLACKFROST, which is a fantasy stories about a fisherman trying to save his family from an ancient curse. I believe there is something for everyone in the work that I do with my collaborators, who are amazing artists from all over the world.

Remember to visit the kickstarter page of the most recent Spicy pulp comic, which is in its last days of the campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jvgray/spicy-pulp-issue-6-featuring-lady-redbeard/description .

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