King Kong of Skull Island returns with 5E in an incredible Kickstarter project

C506 proudly presents the latest 5E project on Kickstarter, King Kong of Skull Island Trading Cards & Pin-up Comic Book. Come and discover with us what it is all about.

For over two decades, King Kong creator Merian C. Cooper and DeVito ArtWorks’ KING KONG of SKULL ISLAND property has offered the most comprehensive King Kong Universe ever created. More than just the first giant monster to thrill audiences around the world, Kong became an instant cultural icon, indelibly climbing his way into the planet’s collective consciousness.

5E and Merian C. Cooper and DeVito ArtWorks have teamed up to introduce us a dynamic trading card series and supplemental 24-page pin-up comic book. Having as central axis King Kong and his mythology. Being this an incredible collectible for any follower of the character.

What can I get in this project?

Samples from the 5FINITY Productions 2011 King Kong of Skull Island Sketch Card Series

Additionally you can get a supplemental 24-page pin-up comic book, of which you can see some examples of the covers below.

Additionally you can find a variant Blank cover, ready for any of your favorite artists to draw on it.

We invite you to support the work of dozens of comic book, fantasy art, and trading card artists who have come together to bring this project to life.

You can participate in the project with a contribution that starts from 5 dollars. So if you want to be part of this campaign you can enter its page on kickstarter

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