(C506) Exclusive interview with Scott Lobdell about his new project, The Anybodies

C506 is proud to have the superstar writer, Scott Lobdell, tell us about his latest project. Continue with us and discover everything about The Anybodies.

Scott Lobdell is a well known comic writer and screenwriter. Known for his numerous works on DC comics (Flash Forward,  Superman, Teen Titans) and Marvel Comics (Uncanny X-Men, Generation X, X-Factor).

Now, for the first time, Scott comes to Kickstarter with a project of his own, The Anybodies. At C506 we had a great opportunity to talk with him and ask some questions. Without further delay, here we leave you this wonderful interview.


C506: Scott, is amazing to be able to have you with us, first of all, I would like you to tell us in your own words, what The Anybodies is about?

Scott Lobdell: The short answer is “It is about anything!” I’ve always thought that anybody hs the power to be a hero — whether it is saving a life or just saying something nice to someone when they are down.

Anybodies is about five people who wake up human and go to bed as superheroes — and they get to keep their powers for one year. Some people with rise to the occasion, others might hide under their beds and hope the year goes by quietly, In some cases, there have been Anybodies who were killed during their first time in battle — and at least one decided to use her powers for evil.

So really, anybody who is an Anybody can have anything happen to them.

C506: Scott, we’ve seen you in a lot of comics from big comics companies. But how did your desire to tell us a story completely yours?

Scott Lobdell: As most people probably know I’ve been writing comics for over thirty years now. I’ve worked for some great companies and worked under some great editors… but I never worked for myself. So I thought I’d try.

The response from the fans has been heartening. I love you guys!

C506: You mentioned that it is your first time on Kickstarter, so tell us, how was your first experience on this platform?

Scott Lobdell: It is interesting … because when I started at DC in 2011, I used my “celebrity” to write articles for ComicVine highlighting people’s Kickstarters. Just because, in the day, my byline could generate interest in a total stranger’s project — so why not help?

I had toyed around for years with the notion of actually launching a Kickstarter… and now here I am!

C506: Finally, would you like to say something to all of your followers?

Scott Lobdell: Humbled. That is the only word that comes to mind. You guys are great — and I am grateful for the support!

C506: Scott, really, thank you very much for sharing this space with us.

From our part, we really invite you to be part of this incredible project, which is about to end. So if you want to join Scott Lobdell in this wonderful project, you can do it through the following link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/765828218/the-anybodies

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