Red, White & Broke returns to kickstarter with a new comic – Come discover this wonderful story with us!

Red, White & Broke has presented us with the cost of being a hero in a comical way. Now, they arrive with a new issue and the end of the acclaimed series. Continue with us and discover what Red, White & Broke has for us.

With his fourth comic, Red, White & Broke closes his mini series, thus completing his story and giving us a comic worthy of being in any collection.

But if you don’t know what the story is about, here we tell you what to expect in this comic!

Meet Robert Rhodes, better known as Captain Stronghold, one of America’s most well-loved superheroes. He’s super-strong, he can fly, and he’s adored by millions. He’s also FLAT BROKE. Busted. Bankrupt.

Being a superhero is surprisingly expensive and it’s hard to keep a job when you keep disappearing for hours at a time to save people’s lives. So Captain Stronghold goes on national television to reveal his secret identity and to turn to the people he’s saved countless times for help… financial help! That’s right, the world’s most beloved superhero is launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund his super heroics!

Red, White & Broke is a superhero story that’s not just a superhero story. It’s a look at the (literal) cost of being superhero, all told in the wryly comic writing style of #1 bestselling author and award-winning podcast host Mike Spring. Along with rising comic art star Dennis Tirona, we dive deeper into the logistics of being a superhero than you’ve ever seen before!

And can I see the inside of the comics?

Of course, we leave it to you below!

A page from the upcoming Issue # 3!

Page From Issue #1
A Page From Issue #1

Additionally, we tell you that if you want to buy any of the Red, White & Broke comics for an initial price of $6 each. Additionally we leave you all the rewards that you can obtain in this project.

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