Everborn returns to Kickstarter with a new comic, come and meet it with us!

Everborn: The Red Lands arrives on Kickstarter with its first chapter. Come and discover with us what it’s all about!

What is The Red Lands?

The Red Lands is the strange alchemy of Shounen style Manga, Western Fantasy, and a hint of Ocean’s 11. It’s packed to the brim with CULTURAL Reverence, INSANE Action, and ELABORATE Heists

Here we will meet  Isis Ammon AKA Karma, a princess by day and a bandit by night. Who leads a double life to exact her revenge on a king that killed her parents.

But wait, can I learn more about Everborn?

ONE Story TWO Timelines FOUR Series. The Everborn SAGA is a Sprawling Epic that spans 4 interconnected series, each following different characters, telling the story from their vantage points. At its core, Everborn is the story of a long-brewing war for supremacy between Seraphs (those able to tap into the magic of the gods) and Men.

Prince of Arcadia is the prequel series. Think of it as The Hobbit to our Lord the Rings. It follows a young Baldemar 30 years prior to Ariel’s Adventure and is currently on its 3rd chapter. This Seinen Manga-inspired series introduces us to mankind’s side of the conflict and sets the stage for the whole epic saga.

The second series, Ariel’s Adventure, takes place some 30 years after the events of our Prince of Arcadia. The main character, Ariel, is just an ordinary kid who’s quite literally been raised with wolves. Whilst under the tutelage of his uncle Baldemar, who happens to be the former Prince of Arcadia.

Ariel has trained every day of his life for a threat he’s never seen. In fact, he’s never set foot outside the Wolf Colony of Ethren. But that hasn’t stopped him from getting into trouble with his best friend Riley, who is next line to be Chieftain of the wolf colony. That is unless Ragnar, his younger (but much bigger) brother, has anything to say about it. Meanwhile, Baldemar and Reagal, the current Chieftain of the colony, are harboring a secret that could change the course of the world.

And…. can I see a preview of the interior?

Of course, we leave you the preview below!

And now, let’s meet the creative team!

Everborn has a wonderful creative team, which we will introduce you to below!

  • Stephen A.M. Johnson – Creator/Writer/Coder/Producer of all things Everborn | NY USA
  • Mike Banting & Sam Gungon – Character & Background Art for Ariel’s Adventure | Angeles, Pampanga Philippines
  • Jon Zamar– Editor for The Red Lands | Manila, Philippines
  • Phillip Johnson– Cover Artist for all Everborn Projects | VA USA
  • Nikki Foxrobot – Letterer for The Red Lands | London UK
  • Albert Sawal Dela Cruz– Colorist for The Red Lands | Manila, Philippines

And as we mentioned before, Everborn is being funded through Kickstarter. So if you want to be part of this amazing project, or get more information. Feel free to visit their Kickstarter page. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theeverborn/everborn-the-red-lands-chapter-1?ref=discovery_newest

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