(C506 Reviews) Pocket Paragons by Solis Game Studio is here, come and discover it with us!

C506 is honored to receive a copy of Pocket Paragons: Origins from Solis Game Studio. We play it and bring you a review, commenting on what you can expect from this incredible game. Continue with us!

What is pocket paragons about?

In Pocket Paragons each player chooses a paragon and takes their deck of 7 unique cards. Every turn, players choose a card from their hand and play them simultaneously. Both cards are revealed and then characters either take damage, have their card canceled and sent back to their hand, or are defeated. Play the right card at the right time and have a strong read of your opponent’s intentions to win!

Additionally, you have different game modes which allow you to play individually to better understand the game. Pocket paragons: Origins features 6 original characters in the world of Pocket Paragons. Featuring Pallash, Sadoh, Mata, Kagemusha, Kairos, and Rosher.

Can we see specifically what’s inside Pocket Paragons: Origins?

Don’t hesitate for a second! Next we present to you what is inside Pocket Paragons: Origins.

Each game includes 6 character decks, 6 dividers, 2 plater dials and 1 sticker sheet. Being ideal to start within the world of pocket paragons!

And as we mentioned before, each Paragon has its own cards, with unique designs.

Additionally, it should be noted that the materials of the cards are quite light but resistant, which allows the transport of the game to be very accessible.

How is the gameplay?

The description of Pocket Paragons is really very accurate, each encounter happens quickly. However, given the conditions of the game, each challenge is different, allowing to design strategies that can change the game quickly.

The strategy and knowing your Paragons, allows each contest to be more challenging than the previous one, so fun is guaranteed!

And what is the verdict?

Pocket Paragons gives an unlimited amount of possibilities, allowing players to have constant challenges. Causing that new strategies are necessary and obtain new points of view on the different paragons.

Pocket Paragons: Origins welcomes us to this wonderful game, rescuing that, like all Pocket Paragons games, is compatible with any expansion of the franchise.

Solis Game Studio once again offers us an extremely pleasant and compatible gaming experience for both newer players and veterans in the world of board games.

We invite you to try this wonderful board game for yourself. You can buy it on the Solis Game Studio website, www.solisgamestudio.com.

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