Let’s talk about Gorgo Attacks! The definitive project

The 1962 Gorgo Comics of Joe Sinnott, Joe Gill and Vince Colletta collected for the first time!

At the height of the cold war era, Baby Gorgo took on the Army, the Navy,Soviet war-mongering sputniks and invading space monsters.



While Steve Ditko was busy creating for Marvel Comics, Joe Sinnott, Joe Gill and Vince Colletta, produced seven issues of Gorgo for Charlton Comics. Jim Whiting is the designer and explains how the project came about; “I met Joe Sinnott several years ago at a comic con, and he was just a sweet generous guy and I began corresponding with his son Mark. At the time a similar Kickstarter was running featuring Steve Ditko’s early Gorgo series for Charlton comics in the 1960’s.


Mark wrote me, informing me his dad had done a number of issues of Gorgo in that period, and Joe would love to see these books get back into the hands of fans someday. These particular issues are very hard to find and Joe has kept copies of just about everything he has ever done, so we began to formulate a way to make that happen. I had just finished working on the “Monster Art of Basil Gogos” for FantaCo at the time, and everybody who loves Gorgo knows that iconic painting from Famous Monsters of Filmland #11. I reached out to the Gogo’s estate and they were very open to giving us rights to use the image.

Charlton was known for not crediting artists and writers, and this was a very exciting period, Kennedy had not yet been assassinated, Cuba was at Americas doorstep, and Marvel Comics was just beginning to take off. Soon many of these talented guys, like Joe Sinnott and Vince Colletta would be working at Marvel full time.

I have always loved Monsters and working within the horror genre. Many of these books are now in public domain, Joe Sinnott passed away last year and this was a great way to honor such a great talent and bring his lesser known work to a new audience.”

Joe Sinnott is best known for his long career at Marvel Comics on the Fantastic Four. Joe Gill is co-creator of Judo Master, Peacemaker, Captain Atom, and he revamped Blue Beetle is one of early comics most prolific writers.  Vince Colletta is often regarded as one of the world’s fastest inkers, best known for his work with Jack Kirby on Thor and Kirby’s DC fourth world series.

Originally published in 1962-63 uncredited, issues include: #5-The Day Manhattan Died, #6-And The Sea Spewed Death, #7-Menace From the Sea, #8-The Graveyard Of Lost Ships, #9-Return To The Deep, #10-The Venusian Terror, and #12/Monsters Rendezvous. These comic legends Gorgo run collected for the first time.

FantaCo is producing a special limited hardcover collection featuring the 1960’s iconic Gorgo painting by Basil Gogos.

Produced from high-quality scans, in conjunction with the Sinnott Studio and the Basil Gogos Estate, these hard-to-find, low print run, comics are together in one giant 188 monster-sized collection. Introduction by Mark Sinnott, designed by Whiting Studio, produced and distributed by FantaCo Enterprises.


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