Brook Expands Pokémon-Catching Opportunities With Newly Revamped Pocket Auto Catch Plus For Use With Pokémon Go

Taiwan-based gaming accessor maker Brook today announced the Pocket Auto Catch Plus, the newest installment in their best-selling Auto Catch line of wearable for use with Pokémon Go. The Pocket Auto Catch Plus, slated to release on December 20th, brings a number of new hardware features designed to maximize every Pokémon Go catching opportunity.

Featuring the tried and true ability to auto-catch Pokémon and auto-collect items, the Pocket Auto Catch Plus also improves on its already stellar design with improved software to make every Pokémon catching session a breeze, including the exclusive Pocket Center app pre-installed, giving the wearer an array of options on how to use and control the Pocket Auto Catch Plus while in use, including the ability to receive offline push notifications.

Responding directly to player and fan feedback, Brook has also added two core new features designed to make every Pokémon Go session a breeze. The first new feature is an on-screen battery display to ensure now capture session or special event goes missed due to a low charge. For even more safety, the Pocket Auto Catch Plus also features a new disconnection vibration feature in case a player finds themselves about to be disconnected from the game due to inactivity.

The Pocket Auto Catch Plus will be available at all major retails for an MSRP of $50.00.

For more information about the Pocket Auto Catch Plus, visit the official Brook gaming store, the US Amazon product page, or the country specific Amazon links below!










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