(C506-Review) Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter ACT. I – A race to save… his life

Oneshi Press presents Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter Act I: To save himself. In C506 we have read this comic and we tell you our opinion. Continue with us and discover what this wonderful comic is about!

Mr. Guy presents a story developed by the writer Jayel Draco, where he introduces us to Guy, a half-goblin zombie hunter who tries to survive in this new post-apocalyptic world.

But not everything ends here since Mr. Guy suffers a terrible accident and will slowly be transformed into a zombie. To avoid this he has to look for a cure together with his new companion, Spooky, who is the specter of the zombie that bit Mr. Guy.

Now, let’s talk about the narrative of the comic. The reading of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter Act. I is wonderful, the story is divided into short chapters, which allow us to follow the adventures of our protagonist in an easy and orderly way.

The introduction and development of characters within the story is given in an organic way, which allows you to enjoy the story and we have comedy from beginning to end.

Spooky should also be recognized as a fundamental character for the comic, as he supports our protagonist and provides us with funny support throug the comic that really makes it hilarious.

And on the other hand we have art, which is incredible, as we mentioned before. The story is divided by chapters, but what we did not mention is that each chapter has a different artist!

Including a variety of artists in the comic makes reading the chapters not visually exhausting. Seeing different arts throughout the comic allows to maintain constant interest within the story, seeing the different changes and peculiarities of each artist, giving an incredible point in favor for the story.

The verdict

Oneshi Press did an incredible job with Mr. Guy, the comic presents an extremely pleasant and understandable reading for any type of reader.

Having such a varied set of artists allows generating a changing and pleasant environment that makes viewing each page of the comic a new experience.

Finally, we tell you that if you are bored of conventional zombie comics, Mr. Guy is not one of those stories. We will see a zombie universe like we have not seen before, where everything is seen from a comic point that allows us to separate ourselves from the boring zombie journey to which the media are already accustomed.

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