Bleeding pulp #1 – Justin Gray’s new comic is on the way, come and find out what it’s all about!

The name Justin Gray is synonymous with quality in comics. Now, Justin presents his new comic, Bleeding Pulp. Continue with us to find out what it is about.

9-year-old Annabelle’s life is forever changed when her brothers are murdered by a monster from under the bed. In a desperate attempt to save them she attacks the monster with the only weapon she has – her teeth. That’s when things get weird.

BLEEDING PULP is a big, gorgeous MATURE READERS PERFECT BOUND 56-PAGE, FULL-COLOR SQUARE BOUND COMIC with a horror and creature feature twist.

BLEEDING PULP has a main story, I EAT MONSTERS, created by writer Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Standstill, Power Girl) and artist Rui Silveira (Netflix’s Superdrag, The Few and Cursed: Shadow Nation, Spicy Pulp: LADY REDBEARD DOING TIME) with colors by Thaygo Brandao (Spicy Pulp: LADY REDBEARD DOING TIME)

And a “back-up” story, MADAM BELDAM AND THE ORDER OF ZADOK STARRING H. P. LOVECRAFT, illustrated by Miljenko Šimić and colors by Alessia Nocera. Both uniquely different in tone and style yet complimentary to your BLEEDING PULP experience.

It is 1930 and H.P. Lovecraft summons a beautiful young woman possessed by a witch and the pair embark on a perilous journey to stop an ancient space god from destroying the world! This will be a 2-part self contained 40-page story that starts in Bleeding Pulp #1 and concludes in Bleeding Pulp #2.

If you want to know more about this great project, we invite you to visit Justin Gray’s page where you can see a promotional video of the comic

Additionally, we invite you to save the project that is next to come out on Kickstarter, on its official website

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