Bleeding pulp #1 featuring I eat monsters has arrived on Kickstarter!!

As we mentioned before, Justin Gray returns to Kickstarter with a new comic, Bleeding Pulp. Now that its Kickstarter page is available we show you everything this comic has for you!

BLEEDING PULP is a big, gorgeous MATURE READERS PERFECT BOUND 56-PAGE, FULL-COLOR SQUARE BOUND COMIC with a horror and creature feature twist.

A sister book to SPICY PULP, BLEEDING PULP has a main story I EAT MONSTERS created by writer Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Standstill, Power Girl) and artist Rui Silveira (Netflix’s Superdrag, The Few and Cursed: Shadow Nation, Spicy Pulp: LADY REDBEARD DOING TIME) with colors by Thaygo Brandao (Spicy Pulp: LADY REDBEARD DOING TIME).

YOU ALSO GET a 20-page backup story, MADAM BELDAM AND THE ORDER OF ZADOK STARRING H. P. LOVECRAFT, illustrated by Miljenko Šimić (IDW’s NARCOS) with colors by Alessia Nocera (Samurai of OZ & Abbadon). Both uniquely different in tone and style yet complimentary to your BLEEDING PULP experience.

And what is the story about?

We tell you from the hand of its creator:

Left alone to watch her three brothers, 9-year-old Annabelle is confronted by a monster from under the bed viciously attacks her siblings.

Desperate to save them, Annabelle fights back with the only weapon she has – her teeth, and from that moment nothing will be the same. Seventeen years later Annabelle is a damaged and reckless young woman who is about to finally unravel the mystery of what happened that fateful night.

Decidedly not for children! *Language, Gore and violence! This is chapter one that introduces readers to Annabelle’s world as each chapter builds toward unravelling a mystery that will pit her against…well, that would be spoilers.

We will also meet…

Story of which you can see a preview below!

You can also get different rewards from Justin Gray’s past projects, which you can select as Add-ons of this magnificent campaign.

If you want to be part of this project and acquire your copy, we invite you to enter the following link

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