Mondo celebrates 5th Anniversary of ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY with Expanded Edition Soundtrack on Vinyl

Mondo, in collaboration with Walt Disney Records and Lucasfilm, is proud to present an all new 4XLP expanded edition soundtrack to 2016’s ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, available for pre-order at on February 16.

“It’s no secret that we at Mondo love working with composer Michael Giacchino, and we are thrilled to be releasing a 4 LP set for ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY with our friends at Walt Disney Records,” said Mondo Music Creative Director Spencer Hickman. “A firm fan-favorite bridging the gap between old and new Star Wars, Michael’s score is phenomenal, featuring nods to John Williams’ classic Star Wars scores whilst firmly being its own thing. A muscular, epic score loaded with emotion and pathos, we present here not only the entire score but an entire hour of previously unheard material, all housed inside a stunning package from artist John Powell.”

In anticipation of the 5th anniversary of the beloved film, Michael Giacchino unearthed over an hour of previously unreleased music from the film and recording sessions.

“This project was an almost five-week whirlwind of writing, recording, and mixing but I couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about the adventure and will always look back on those days with fond memories,” said composer Michael Giacchino. “As with all the film scores I compose, my goal was to serve the story and the emotions of the film, but I think it was my 10-year-old brain who had the most fun composing for this new and exciting set of Star Wars characters and the worlds they inhabit.”

Featuring all new original artwork by John Powell, new liner notes by Michael Giacchino, mastered for vinyl, and pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, this collectors set is essential for Star Wars fans.

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack • Expanded Edition 4XLP

Music by Michael Giacchino

Original Star Wars Music by John Williams

Artwork by John Powell

Featuring over an hour of previously unreleased music from the film


Track List

DISC ONE – Side One

1. He’s Here for Us (3:22)

2. A Long Ride Ahead (3:57)

3. Wobani Imperial Labor Camp (0:57)

4. There Are Spies Everywhere (2:16)*

5. The Detention of Jyn Urso (1:13)*

6. Jyn’s Interrogation (1:58)*

7. Mission to Jedha (2:00)*

8. Trust Goes Both Ways (2:46)

DISC ONE – Side Two

1. When Has Become Now (2:01)

2. Jyn’s Memories of Childhood (0:51)*

3. Jedha Arrival (2:50)

4. Hearts of Kyber (0:57)*

5. Ambush in Jedha City (1:09)*

6. Jedha City Ambush (2:21)

7. Let Them Pass in Peace Part 1 (1:24)*

8. Let Them Pass in Peace Part 2 (0:39)*

9. No Friends of the Empire (1:07)*

10. Imperial Departure (0:54)*

11. Reunion at Saw’s Hideout (0:46)*

12. Cassian’s Prison (0:19)*

13. Today of All Days (3:51)*

DISC TWO – Side One

1. Star-Dust (3:48)

2. An Imperial Test of Power (3:37)*

3. Apologies Are in Order (1:37)*

4. News from the Ashes (0:59)*

5. Approach to Eadu (1:19)*

6. No Trust Among Rebels (2:25)*

7. Jyn’s Path Is Clear (2:31)*

DISC TWO – Side Two

1. Confrontation on Eadu (8:09)

2. Krennic’s Aspirations (4:17)

3. Rebellions Are Built on Hope (2:56)

4. A Rebel Change of Heart (1:53)*

5. Rogue One (2:06)


1. Cargo Shuttle SW608 (4:01)

2. Good Luck Little Sister (2:49)*

3. What Brings You to Scarif (2:31)*

4. Are We Blind (1:34)*

5. Scrambling the Rebel Fleet (1:34)

6. AT-ACT Assault (2:57)

7. Finding a Way Through (3:37)*


1. Project Star-Dust (3:46)*

2. Entering the Imperial Archives (1:25)*

3. Get That Beach Under Control (1:14)*

4. The Master Switch (4:03)

5. We Have to Press the Attack (2:40)*

6. Antenna Alignment (3:16)*

DISC FOUR – Side One

1. Your Father Would Be Proud (4:53)

2. Hope (1:40)

3. Jyn Erso & Hope Suite (5:53)

4. The Imperial Suite (2:31)

5. Guardians of the Whills Suite (2:53)

DISC FOUR – Side Two

1. Jyn Erso & Hope Suite (Alternate Open) (6:03)*

2. Guardians of the Whills Suite (Alternate Ending) (2:23)*

3. A Long Ride Ahead (Alternate Ending) (4:00)*

4. Jedha City Ambush (Alternate) (1:11)*

5. Rebellions are Built on Hope (Alternate) (2:55)*

6. Scariff Antenna Alignment (Alternate) (1:20)*

*Previously Unreleased


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