Izora’s quest for revenge continues in Fluff’s Fury #2

Few comics have impressed us as much as Fluff’s Fury. Now, comes a second installment loaded with action, which you can not miss!

Johnny Segura 3rd and Matt Chambers 3rd  continue to form the amazing creative team that brings Fluff’s Fury #2 to life.

In the first issue 2/3 comics it made us wonder If your best friend was murdered right in front of your eyes when you were just a child… What would you do? and exactly that this great team presents us in Fluff’s Fury!

Within the first issue we met wonderful characters such as Izora, and the Lieutenant Colonel Fluff Fluffington the 3rd.

Fluff’s Fury #2 picks up your story exactly where we left off in the previous issue. We find our hero Izora face-to-face with the mercenary Eloi in a last ditch effort by General Eavheal, in such a way that we continue with the mission of Izora!

This new comic features 48 action-packed pages, along with covers to choose from! First cover will be by Johnny Segura 3rd, second cover will be an Akira homage by Matt Chambers 3rd, the third cover will be by legendary American Manga artist Ben Dunn ( Ninja HIgh School/Warrior Nun Areala/Marvel Mangaverse ) and Johnny Segura 3rd, Christopher Cayco and Matt Chambers 3rd and the sketch cover that you will be able to get blank, or you can get Segura to art it up with the topic of your choosing!

And don’t think that 2/3 comics has forgotten about the new readers, in this new campaign you will be able to get the first issue of Fluff’s Fury, incredible variants as well as rewards that you can only get in this project.

If you want to get your copy you can do it through the following link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/auronasia/fluffs-fury-2?ref=discovery_newest.

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