Experience the Exciting Strat Royale Genre in Upcoming Strategy Game Hexarchy

 Developer Main Tank Software is pleased to share that its upcoming strategy game Hexarchy is available to play right now in the Steam Next Fest. The demo lets players take on single-player mode but will also have multiplayer and daily challenges available for a limited time. Running until February 28th, Steam Next Fest will be players’ last chance to try out the game before the launch of Hexarchy’s Kickstarter on March 14th.

Hexarchy is a fast-paced strategy game that takes inspiration from games like Civilization. Players familiar with 4x games will feel…

“Strat Royale” has been used to describe Hexarchy because of the way that it combines elements of strategy and battle royale. Players must build cities and armies along with researching new technologies to access new abilities. Utilizing player cards will be key to planning the perfect strategy.

Features Include:

  • Customizable Games. Master the game in single player or with up to ten people in one multiplayer game.
  • Limitless Strategy. Tailor your deck to any given situation – familiarize yourself with them all and take down the competition.
  • Explore, Build, Research. Master all elements of the game to quickly take down enemies in games that take less than an hour. Daily Challenges. Take on the game’s daily challenges to test your skills every day and prepare for your next big match.

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