VR Xoxo returns with a new issue that you can’t miss.

Codex Entertainment brings us the second part of VR Xoxo. So continue with us and discover this incredible virtual world.

The story

VR Xoxo picks up the story after the events of the first volume, and we tell you what you can expect.

While trying to cheer up her friend, Itsuki Nishimura, Akari Okibyashi introduces him to a new virtual reality machine called  «The illusion«.

She is somehow able to convince him to give the machine a try, Itsuki is amazed at what the machine can do and is finding him self more and more impressed whit that it has to offer. As Akari shows him the ins and outs of the virtual world things between the two get a little mushy.

Just when she thinks she has finally won the heart of her longtime friend Itsuki`s eye catches an attractive female he accidentally bumps into upon exiting the virtual world.

Can I see a preview of the comic?

Yes of course! Here we leave you a preview of this wonderful comic!

Where can I get the comic!?

The comic is currently being funded through a kickstarter. Where you can not only find the comic, you can also find a series of variant covers and exclusive articles that you will not be able to obtain elsewhere.

So we invite you to his page, where you can learn more about the comic and if you wish, be part of this great project! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/codexentertainment/vr-xoxo-2?ref=backertracker&utm_medium=web&utm_source=backerkit

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