Exclusive Interview with BEADLE & GRIMM’S: Let’s Talk Absalom City of Lost Omens Gold Edition

If there is something that we at C506 have in our hearts, its RPG.

Officially licensed by Paizo, this Beadle & Grimm’s boxed set will be filled with elements a Game Master (GM) needs to immerse their players into Pathfinders’ most famous city.

For the last few months we have worked hard and diligently with Paizo and BEADLE & GRIMM’S with their extraordinary deluxe books and today we had the opportunity to talk with the production team for the amazing Absalom: City of Lost Omens Gold Edition and a couple of questions towards the Pathfinder details with BG.

Book that you can preorder now, scheduled to ship in March.

The Interview.

C506: What have you guys been learning about Pathfinder, and Lost Omens?

We’ve certainly been reminded just how much detail and depth exist in the lore of the world of Golarion, and particularly the city of Absalom.

The setting is so rich. As a GM, I could run an entire campaign that never leaves Absalom and not feel confined.
There are so many characters, factions, and locations that are ripe for adventure. What I find particularly compelling: in some city settings I’ve read, if the characters reach 10th level they feel super powered.

Untouchable. Not in Absalom! The city is chock full of ex-adventurers and high level NPCs to keep the party challenged well into the upper levels! 

C506: We cant imagine the level of detail that is included in this book, but we want to ask, is there a particular favorite piece, section?

The level of detail that the folks from Paizo supply in this book IS insane.

Maybe my favorite part is the attention they give to locations.

Each district has a robust list of key locations that includes what the location is and which NPCs might be found there.

Some of them come with art. B&G had to make use of that and so we created Location Cards that can hang on the GM screen – art for the players on front – key information about the location on the back for the GM.

One of my favorite elements in Beadle & Grimm’s Gold Edition are the set of 4 wooden Tri-Stripe Society coasters. The Tri-Stripe Society is a society in Absalom that reveres badgers and we played off of that to provide the GM a set of coasters for their players.

C506: What part of the book was the most fun to produce?

Tough question because there was much joy in creating this product. My top two:

1)  Working with Marco Bernardini to create six 24×30″ battle maps. Marco’s artistic work is exquisite and he created battle maps that are, quite frankly, works of art.

2) Providing 4 additional adventures, set in Absalom, that you can’t find anywhere else.

We love providing original content – adventures that specifically tie to the battle maps, and handouts, that come in the box. 

C506: Whats coming next?

Our focus right now is to spread the word about the: Absalom Gold Edition

Currently in pre-order, and the Complete Character Chronicles, which recently began shipping.

(Our review here)

We need to pay close attention to what Pathfinder players want through feedback on these projects.

We’re hoping that with these products we can begin to build a brand that Pathfinder players trust and look to for more high-end content.

We have high hopes for this book, we invite all of you to preorder, and appreciate the companies that are strongly dedicated to their Latino community of followers, within the USA, Canada, Europe and even exporting this material.

We, Latinos are a strong part of the game of role, thanks to jon ciccolini Co-owner of BG for the time dedicated to our questions and work. We will certainly be showing you this book on our YouTube Channel

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