Clarity Girl and Bassforce arrive with two incredible one-shots

Heroes, Bassforce and Clarity Girl, confront ghosts from their past in two action packed 24 page one shots. Continue with C506 and find out what these amazing comics are about!

Bassforce and Clarity Girl  arrive with new one shots on Kickstarter and we will tell you what each of them is about!

BASSFORCE V TREBLE FURY:  This issue takes place before the events of Bassforce Vol 1. This one shot follows Greg Johnson as he continues to step into his father’s shoes after a much needed hiatus but soon after returning to the mantle of the tech based hero, Bassforce, he gets very disheartening news about his little sister Esther. She’s not the sweet little girl he once knew.

Using her metahuman abilities, she goes by her mother’s hero name, Treble Fury, and has chosen a different path… a much darker path which has turned her into one of the most brutal anti-heroes of all time. Now Greg must dreadfully gear up and confront his own blood no matter the cost.

RATING: TEEN for action violence, thematic elements, and mild language.
GENRE: Superhero, thriller
PAGE COUNT: 24 Pages

While the previous Bassforce comic slaps, you will not have to read Bassforce Volume 1 to enjoy Bassforce v Treble and this will be a one shot meaning it’s a self contained story. It doubles as both a vs story and an origin story. So new readers welcome!

PRINCESS OF WHITECORP v MOTHER OF THE BOTS: After receiving a life saving serum named CLARITY at a very young age, Clara alias Clarity Girl has battled countless foes but the one she’s most concerned with is Mother of The Bots who has been silent for too long.

Determined to be one step ahead of her, Clara must search for answers… but will this search get the best of her and will she be able to cope with what she discovers?

RATING: TEEN for action violence, mild language, and brief sexual references.
GENRE: Superhero, comedy
PAGE COUNT: 24 Pages

his is a self contained issue consisting of two stories, Princess of Whitecorp v Mother of the Bots which (will be in black & white) and $!ck Kitty (which will be in color). You won’t have to read anything before this to enjoy it. New readers welcome!

This project is being funded through Kickstarter, which is why it has different tiers with unique rewards, which you can only find in this project!

We invite you to enter their page and discover for yourself all the rewards that await you

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