Charms arrives to Kickstarter to surprise us all!

Kickstarter is a wonderful world, full of incredible projects and today we have the pleasure of talking about Charms, a comic full of magic, action, animals, and karate all in a 24 page, full-color story.

Let’s talk about the book 1: The Rescue

The story will center around, Kaitlyn Cassidy, as she experiences her daily life, with all the bumps and bruises that come with being a teenage girl. We’ll meet her friends, Jo and Brady, and find out how their lives will intertwine more than they know.

Kaitlyn will deal with bullies, her stern Uncle teaching her karate, and her spunky Grandma Nora. She’ll also wrestle with why her parents are so involved with their work instead of being home with her.

And now… some backstory:

As we move through the series, Kaitlyn will find out that she is part of an ancient tribe that has the power to create magical bracelets. These “charm-bearers” can bring their animal charms to life to fight by their side.

Hundreds of years ago, the tribe was attacked and many members were slaughtered by an evil empire that is known today as Dominion Corp. The remaining tribe members were split up and dispersed among various areas around the world. Now, Dominion Corp is led by the sadistic Zane LeMaster who is in search of the magical items so that he can build a powerful army. His henchmen are constantly searching, finding, and torturing the scattered tribe to find out the secrets on how to use and create more magical jewelry.

Let’s meet the team

Russ Casseday –  He is the project manager hiring artists, getting covers created, and just guiding the project along, provided the base colors, lettered the book.

Sarah Casseday – She took a rough idea and expanded on it to create a character-driven story that allows readers to establish a connection. She is handling the story and character development.

Nate Lovett – Nate took the story that Sarah has written and built the pages to tell the story perfectly. His artistic style fits how we wanted the characters to look. Nate has his own title, Karter Kain, and has done work for Nickelodeon. He has also worked for quite a few Indie comic publishers as well.

Sean Forney – Sean is handling final colors. Sean brings many years of industry experience and adds the extra touch to help bring the characters and their surroundings to life. Sean has a book called Scarlett Huntress and works for many Indie publishers including Counterpoint Comics.

Co-Editors – James Patrick, Victor Dandridge Jr, Dustin Brunell, and Becky Fuller.

Can we see a preview of the comic?

Sure, you can find it below!

And you wonder, where are the covers? and here we answer you, Charms has an incredible team of artists who have developed variant covers, among which we can find Shannon Maer with Becky Fuller, Chad Hardin with colors by Mirza Ananta Wirawan, Ryan Kincaid, Richard Bonk with colors by Chuck M. Obach, Sean Forney, Mark May with colors by Sanju Nivangune. Nate Lovett, Comfort Love & Adam Withers, Dew Noir and Poopikat.

Below you can see the different virgin cover variants.

additionally, the cover made by Marvel and DC cover artist Shannon Maer has been recently revealed, and it is really impressive, you can see it below.

And this does not end here, you can also find exclusive foil covers as well as objects that can only be acquired through this Kickstarter campaign, so we invite you to enter their page and discover everything that Charms has for you

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