GOTTHEM returns sooner than you think!

Milan Kovacs is a talented writer who has brought us successful projects like AllStar and GOTTHEM. After a resounding success with the presentation of GOTTHEM, he returns with new issues. Continue with us and discover all the details!

GOTTHEM is a Superhero Parody Comic Series for all ages, masterfully written by Milan Kovacs with  Izsak Ambrus as main artist and Nora Vincze, Erno Juhasz & Szabolcs Pal as guest artists.

And after concluding an incredible campaign, GOTTHEM RETURNS TO KICKSTARTER WITH NEW COMICS, the next Kickstarter for GOTH HAM #3-4 starts very soon!

And with this in mind, we invite you to be among the first to order your copies, this by saving the project, which you can enter at the following link

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