Meet Yulia the Slayer in her new comic – Only on Kickstarter

Yulia the Slayer presents us with an incredible story set in the 80s and 90s, prepare to join Yulia, a slayer of myths and monsters from legends that threaten humans, on her journey.

Yulia the Slayer is 20 glorious pages of premium black & white story. It is 100% finished and ready to print!

Let’s discover this story!

Myths tell of monstrosities that have haunted mankind for ages. Legends warn of the unspeakable horrors lurking in the farthest reaches of the world. In an instant, one little girl finds out that every bedtime story and hidden fear are all real.

This is that girls story. Yulia’s tale chronicles her day to day adventures. As she scours the regions of Europe hunting the hidden terrors and evil machinations of those who view humanity as food at best and something more sinister at worst. But this is not another tale of tragic villains, crushing pathos, or a world bleak and full of despair. Yulia the Slayer tells the story of a heroine who dedicates herself to protecting anyone she can from those who would harm innocents.

Come along on the first part of three planned (and genre varied) adventures as we introduce her legend.

The book may be set during the 80’s and 90’s, but that might not mean what you imagine.

Let’s meet the team!

Henry O’Conner is the creator and writer of the comic, Alfret Le is in charge of the interior art of this story, Negsamuel is in charge of the character design and Benjamin Navarro develops the lettering.

And don’t think we’ve forgotten the covers, Yulia from Slayer has different variant covers developed by Alfret Le with Dana Kott on colors, Ellezner, Ernesto Warting, Dana Knott, Aleksander Gav, Ashlee Galloway with Dana Kott on colors, Eduardo Copati, Pinart , Joel Souza, Llama Boy, MashyMallows, Myaterak, Patricio E. Gandara, Stef Wilson and Thiago Caminha.

And this just for sharing some of the incredible variant covers that this project has.

Can I see a preview of the comic?

Of course yes, you can find it below!

Where can I get my copy of Yulia the Slayer?

Yulia the Slayer is currently being funded through Kickstarter, where not only can you get this comic, but you can get exclusive rewards that you won’t find anywhere else,

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